Full TV Live Production

U.COM delivers turn-key solutions for live productions that meet the highest possible standards.

U.COM and its partners work hand in hand exploiting all potential synergies, to develop a tailored production which meets the needs of various clients and broadcasters.

Some of our clients include: easyCredit BBL, LET (Ladies European Tour), Servus TV, Porsche Tennis Grand Prix, German Open Hamburg, Omega Dubai Ladies Masters, German Ice Hockey League (DEL), Millennium Estoril Open, Eurosport

Media Rights Brokerage and Consultation

Our clients take the final decision regarding who will become a broadcasting partner for their event. U.COM will present all possible options, whether they are more exposure orientated or focused strictly on revenue. That makes U.COM different from most other agencies in this business.

Some of our clients include: Millenium Estoril Open, LET (Ladies European Tour)

International TV News Service

U.COM´s International TV News Service not only generates additional exposure, it promotes the event, sponsoring partners and the players.

U.COM is official News Service partner of some of the most prestigious sport tours.

News is a prime time product describing the days events.
News and highlight features work like a daily promotional for the event.
Worldwide major networks broadcast the news during prime time.
The TV ratings of news are generally higher than ratings during live transmissions.

Some of our clients include: European Tour, Ladies European Tour, ATP World Tour, WTA, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, adidas Taylor Made, Schüco, smart

Detailed Media Reporting and On Air Sponsor Analysis

By screening a significant amount of international TV-channels, U.COM analyzes the communicative benefit that a company attains from its sponsoring.

In order to generate the worldwide TV-content, potential channels and genres are evaluated and categorized. U.COM’s’ existing database generates a relevant profile of various clients, gathering quality data focusing on: media presence of products, companies, subjects and individuals.

U.COM calculates the equivalent value of a broadcast feature by comparing it to classic commercial-spots. This marketing value is based on regular advertising rates.

The goal of this analysis is to determine the communication value of sponsoring.

On this basis we run an individually-shaped monitoring service. We search through the media and edit each detection/finding. This monitoring consists of clip summaries and screenshots. U.COM assures a 24/7 analysis of channels including information such as time periods, durations and the subject matter or event.

The media-documentation provides you with objective and verifiable data to monitor achieved success and future goals.

Some of our clients include: WTA, ATP, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, smart, adidas, TaylorMade, Schüco

New- and Social Media

U.COM offers a full range of new media services, including:
Live streaming
Daily summaries with highlights and interviews
Behind-the-scenes stories
Special features, such as podcasts and apps

Some of our clients include: Barclays ATP World Tour Finals, UniCredit Ladies German Open and Mercedes-Benz Junior Cup

Trailers, Commercials, Corporate Films and Blu-ray Production

Trailers, commercials, corporate films and Blu-rays are produced at U.COM’s in-house facilities.

Our technical infrastructure allows our creative team to work with all different formats and standards.

Some of our clients include: Sovereign Speed, Qatar Tennis Federation, Porsche Tennis Grand Prix

Giant Screens, Live Fan TV and In House TV

Giant screens, Live Fan TV and in-house TV are great tools for bringing an event to a new entertainment level and offering sponsoring partners additional on-site presence:

Fan involvement at all times
Introduction of event and players
Interaction between players and fans
Sponsors become a more active part of the event

Some of our clients include: Millennium Estoril Open, Porsche Tennis Grand Prix, Bet-at-Home Open, Qatar Total Open, Qatar ExxonMobile Open, Omega Dubai Ladies Masters